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Posted by valtinen on 2007.04.26 at 10:04
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Biting the Sun was originally TWO novels: Don't Bite the Sun and Drinking Sapphire Wine.

This said, it has no foundation to be in a "trilogy" classification with Silver Metal Lover or Metallic Love. Of course, they have similar feels, similar universes and the same overriding themes which help colour and enrich the other stories, but that in no way means that Lee intended them to be taken in one dose and as one huge over-arching thing.

ALL of her books have something of SML, and ML, and BTS. Particularly her 80s stuff.
How about Electric Forest? It's all about body-exchanging.
Faces Under Water? Someone from the privileged world living in poverty and the woman he falls in love with having an unnatural -- and later, we find out, inalterable (like a robot) beauty.
Venus Preserved? A city under glass, a red-head whose hair turns back to natural blonde, souls returning to their bodies.
Books of Paradys? What male lead *isn't* tall, thin, attractive and musical? When aren't they changing bodies?
Day by Night? Cities under glass, life run by machinery, only the wealthy and the poor....

Everything she writes has the same feel. And I appreciate it. I get into one of her books, and though I may have no idea what's going to happen, I feel as if I understand the world we're supposed to occupy. It's a feeling of "Welcome home again, Valt!" And so what if I feel slightly awkward, never knowing what's around the corner? That's simply something we have to accept in any book, except that you know it's coming with Lee.

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Just something I found

Posted by candiana on 2007.03.01 at 03:44
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I found this on a myspace site. I loved it and I thought I should share. Nobody posts here anymore and it makes me so sad! We fell in love with this place when Valtinen first created it. Now the effect has worn off. Anyway I hope that we can get this place up and running again because I really miss talking with you all. Anyway enough of my banter. I still adore Silver and so I am going to share the love. I know what your thinking, but Jane didn't have wings!!! I know this, but the man, the MAN!!! He is a perfect depiction of Silver don't you think?!?!

Take care and I hope you all have a great day! ::Hugs:: and ::kisses::


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Posted by candiana on 2007.01.19 at 21:51

Right, so I found this guy on the www and couldn't resist posting him!!! ::shrugs:: I think he's Silver worthy.


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Silver Obsessed

Posted by candiana on 2007.01.15 at 12:35
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Alright, so nobody has posted here in a long time and that makes me sad. Our maintainer is back so I just wanted to be the first to say welcome back V!!! I have missed posting in this place but have been somewhat busy myself. I suppose everybody has there days though. Anyway not to get off topic, I have been getting quite a few people interested in this book. (SML) I have actually given my ok to a friend and am sending her my copy in the mail in a few days so she can read it. Which only makes her the luckiest girl I know because I never let anyone borrow my books. Yep, you got it, greedy and I don't trust anyone to take care of them, sad? Yes! Selfish? Maybe. Careful? Your damn right! I love my books, but she promised me her mortal soul should sh return them in bad shape or worse e not return them at all. However I am willing to let that worry pass me by for the love of Silver and Verlis. This community might be all we have to rant on about our lust for the unrealistically perfect God like robot but I assure you, the umber of Silver fans is expanding as we speak. I like to think I had a hand in that. ::smiles:: Anyway, that's it form me, just thought I would post an update. 

Later Lovers!!! 


A room with a view

Posted by issapriest on 2006.12.28 at 21:27
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This reminded me of SIlver's artwork on Jane's and his little apartment.

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Alright, I am back all!!! Yay and hurray and applause and all that I finished BTS

Posted by candiana on 2006.12.23 at 10:38
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Right, so let me get right to it I finished BTS. I finished it a while ago actually I just hadn't had the access to post my thoughts. Well it ended the way I thought it should. I was quite happy with it. I wonder though if Tanith didn't base her on Jane or Loren. I saw a little of both in the main character. the restlessness, the need to get away, go against the status quo, I also wonder if maybe Loren and Jane were as these kids were. Maybe Loren was Jane reincarnated, but then I think, wouldn't she know, for when these kids commit and then go into Limbo to get a new body, they know who they are when they awaken. However maybe it is years ahead and maybe it takes a while to perfect such a thing. Who knows, I suppose we will never really know what was going through Lee's mind when she was writing this book, or any other for that matter. Anyway those are my thoughts for now. 

Though I have a queston and if nothing else you can reply to this.  
The kids in this book seem to have a real distaste for the Q-R's. Is this what Lee wanted to portray to us in this book? Is it supposed to be SML (a natural fear of what we don't understand) ML ( our understanding and acceptance and then eventual inferiority to the robots ) and then BTS ( A hatred toward them for taking everything away from us that we know and understand )  just a thought. 

let me know what you think.


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