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More SILVER inspired fiction :D

Posted by maybellestyle on 2008.12.28 at 22:56
I was going through my archives today... and found this :D

To A Metal Lover

Am I so constant as the falling rain

That pours in sheets of milky velveteen

And lolls, roll ebbing roll, along the veins

And currents of thy lovely metal sheen?

The rain to fall upon thy shadowed eyes

And writhe its frosted fingers delicate

Along thy mouth: such burning splendour lies

‘Twixt shards and mirrors steeped immaculate.

But thou wouldst wither at my fondest touch –

As among the flames of sweetest sunder

A man once died – but divinely such

The cross did burn, and cast, sweet surrender.

For thou art false, yet further falser still

The heart that loves thy silver metal will.


It's supposed to be Shakespearean-like :D

Sorry if I'm bombarding you with SML fiction... I was just rereading it again today. And it impacts me the same way every time, too.

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